Decision Toolkit



Decision Toolkit is a suite of tools designed to build, evaluate and test decision models.

Decision Toolkit is constructed based on the Decision Model and Notation (DMN™) specification, which is an industry standard governed by the Object Management Group (OMG®).

Decision Toolkit aims to be performant, reliable, and fully compliant with the DMN™ specification, ensuring accurate evaluation of decision models. All tools are implemented in Rust, a programming language known for its security, efficiency and reliability.

Decision Toolkit offers a range of features, including DMN™ model evaluation, decision table evaluation, and FEEL expression evaluation. It also includes functionality for parsing, validating, and recognizing DMN™ models, decision tables, and FEEL expressions. Users can test DMN™ models, decision tables, and FEEL expressions, and export them to HTML format.

Decision Toolkit provides a comprehensive set of tools for decision model evaluation and testing, leveraging the DMN™ specification and Rust programming language to ensure high performance, reliability and portability.

Main features:

  • Evaluation of DMN models
  • Evaluation of decision tables
  • Evaluation of FEEL expressions
  • Parsing and validating DMN models
  • Parsing and recognizing decision tables
  • Parsing and validating FEEL expressions
  • Testing DMN models
  • Testing decision tables
  • Testing FEEL expressions
  • Exporting DMN models to HTML
  • Exporting decision tables to HTML
  • Exporting FEEL expressions to HTML

📗 NOTE: Current version of this book assumes you’re using Decision Toolkit in version 0.0.4 or later. Please visit Installation chapter to learn how to install or update Decision Toolkit.

Project status

Decision Toolkit is production ready, but there are still some features that may be subject to change or refinement, based on testing and user feedback. We welcome users to try Decision Toolkit out and provide feedback or suggestions to improve its usability or performance.